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Work Life Excellence Award
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Work-Life Excellence Award 2014: Recognising Great Employers

Work-life harmony is one of the top criteria that jobseekers look out for in employers. Organisations which place emphasis on work-life friendly practices tend to have more motivated, engaged and productive employees. 

The Work-Life Excellence Award 2014 presents an invaluable opportunity for employers to be recognised as one of the best organisations to work for in Singapore.

This biennial award is open to all organisations, and acknowledges employers that:
  • appreciate the business value in responding to employees’ work-life needs;
  • ensure that the senior management, direct supervisors and employees have a long-term commitment to the organisation’s work-life strategy; and
  • implement work-life strategies effectively

The award also recognises individuals with outstanding achievements in fostering work-life friendly culture in Singapore.

The Work-Life Excellence Award is conferred by The Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy. The Award celebrates Singapore’s achievements in the area of work-life harmony, by recognising employers and individuals for their success and contributions in promoting greater flexibility and work-life harmony.